CASABRIKO by trebi

TRE BI srl was founded in 1972 by Bresciani brothers in Adrara S. Martino (Bergamo) – Italy,where are located administrative and commercial offices,production and warehouse.From more then 25 years it’s highly specialized in offer full service and wide range of products expecially to the most important chain retails of DIY in Italy and all around the world,under its brand Casabriko.The TRE BI srl – Casabriko distinctive features is the dynamism in answer to the market necessity with creative and technological innovation,in order to offer to its clients new,original and functional products.

The catalogue,divided in 5 different products lines,includes on around 300 items .In its italian plant Casabriko produces the majority of these items,to support very well all clients and to grant them an high quality of products and service.

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Adrara S. Martino(BG)

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